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Computer PC Diagnostic Software Tools
Windows Repair Software

The quickest way to speed up PC is to use the right PC computer diagnostic software tools.  You should download a copy of each of the following utilities, which I ensure you are very simple to use and very effective. 

After you install each of these tools, simply follow the instructions, and you'll be amazed how much faster your computer runs. 

 You should see a dramatic improvement in Windows system speed by using these tool.

 Download RegCure PC Optimizer

RegCure's sophisticated technology analyzes your registry and safely cleans and optimizes your PC. RegCure is a must-have software tool, an essential part of Windows operating system cleaning and performance maintenance. RegCure makes your machine run like new again.

Rating 5.0
download regcure pc optimizer

Download RegCure PC Optimizer

 Download Registry Mechanic

Registry Mechanic is the perfect companion tool to RegCure PC Optimizer. This tool picks up where the other tool leaves off. It provides quick and easy performance optimization and includes a number of extra tools available at the tip of your fingers.

Rating 4.5
download registry mechanic

Download Registry Mechanic

It's important to remember that no one tool is able to solve every slow PC performance problem. This is because each tool is designed to detect and deal with a specific set of issues. Obviously you'll find some overlap, but keep in mind that no two tools are exactly a like, nor do they solve exactly the same set of issues.

 Your PC stability and overall responsiveness can be significantly increased with these tools.

Download Registry Fix  

RegistryFix has been around for a long time and boats one of the highest download rates of any registry repair tool available today. This tool provides simple "push-button" type repair services. It's extremely easy to use and is very fast.

Rating 4.0
download registry fix

Download Registry Fix

Download Registry Easy  

RegistryEasy scans your Window's storage and system registry for garbage file and invalid system references. Such invalid information causes errors, instability, constant crashing and overall system slowdown.

Rating 4.5
download registry easy

Download Registry Easy

Aside from registry repair software, another important slow PC performance solution is to have the correct Windows device drivers installed on your machine.  Each device, be is your video card, hard drive, DVD drive, USB interface, printer or whatever, without the correct and most update to date drivers, it's likely that Windows is not taking full advantage of the hardware.

 It is imperitive that the correct and most up-to-date device drivers are installed on your machine in order for Windows to effectively make use of your computer hardware.

Download DriverCure 

DriverCure permits you to update your Windows drivers with the most current versions. It's possible that some of the drivers you're currently using may not be the most efficient or up to date drivers available for your hardware.

Rating 4.5
download driver cure

Download DriverCure

Download Driver Checker  

Driver Checker maintains your Windows PC's hardware inventory and regularly searches for updated device drivers and related software. The appropriate updates are then selected for your device, and the driver software is downloaded and installed automatically.

Rating 4.0
download driver checker

Download Driver Checker

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How long have you had your PC? 
  2. When was the last time you upgraded (if ever) your operating system to a newer version - this is NOT the same as updating your system? 
  3. How often do you think you and your family install new programs on your machine? 
  4. How many of these installed programs have you uninstalled because you were tired of them, or had no more use for them?
  5. How much clutter do you think such uninstalled applications may have left around?

Windows may take longer to load because of references to unused application, help or database files.  Here's the solution.

Download Perfect Uninstaller 

Depending on how long you've had your machine changes are it's cluttered with unused DLLs from previously installed programs. This tool is designed to cleanup unused files, thus speeding up your PC.

Rating 3.5
download perfect uninstaller

Download Perfect Uninstaller

As you'll son see, these tools are very easy to use, and I can tell you from experience, they're the right tools for the job.

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